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Designed by health scientists for you to better manage your health & wellness

It’s not just about quantity, the quality of the foods you eat determine your health

The first step towards healthy living is finding out whether you’re already making good choices and where and how you need to make a positive change.

The foods you eat should provide the essential nutrients you require to become healthy. Perhaps you find yourself making bad food choices, and you have realized that you have formed a habit out of it.

Our nutritionists will help you establish your eating habits and diet patterns, work with you to keep the good habits and gradually acquire new, healthy eating habits.

It’s pretty simple:

  • We assign you to your personal nutritionist.
  • You’ll send your nutritionist your weight, height, waist, hip circumference measurements, and compare them to your ideal healthy body measurements.
  • Your nutritionist will use your body measurements as well as your age, gender and physical activity level to determine how much food you should consume to provide the nutrients you require.
  • He/she will ask you to send pictures of everything you eat or drink for a duration of 3 days, which will be used to establish the quantity and quality of the food you eat every day.
  • We then break down your foods and drinks into their macro and micronutrient components and relay this through a personalised report that compares the ideal to your actual intake.
  • Full report shows the good choices, bad choices and exactly how you can acquire a healthy eating pattern and improve your food choices.

Very simple process, just relax, take pics and send them to us…we’ll do the heavy lifting for you!

Your NUTRITION NEEDS are very unique, don’t be treated like everyone else.

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Lishe Living Personalized Assessment

Know your numbers, know your quantities. Close to 90% of the people who joined any of our health programs did so because of the results of their diet assessment report.

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Image Description

Our clients are genuinely shocked to see the actual nutrients in the foods they eat, and the incorrect assumptions they make that lead to low immunity, low energy and sometimes illness. Until our nutritionist assesses your diet, you will be blind to the bad food choices you make, or the good ones that you should keep!

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Daily diet assessment

“Thank you so much for this amazing meal plan, I’m hungry just looking at it”

Our nutritionist caters to your palate. We use the findings from the Lishe Living Diet Assessment to develop a delicious meal plan for you. Eventually you end up eating what tastes good, and it’s our work to make sure that your journey to a stronger immunity and healthier body, actually tastes delicious!

“I’m generally feeling better, I have more energy!”   This could be you too!

7 days meal plan for client Bob's diet

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